About The Buteyko Academy

We offer teacher training in Advanced Buteyko for optimal health, high performance for athletes and reversal of chronic diseases.

Instructor Training

The Advanced Buteyko Instructor Training Program is all about gaining practical and real-life teaching experience and helping students get great results.

Full Instructor Support

We train, instruct and support ABI Instructors in all teaching activities with continued long-term support after finishing the instructor training program and receiving certification.

Instructor Certification

Buteyko Instructors receive full certification after completing the instructor training program and teaching their first 50 students to our satisfaction. We also have an additional yearly re-certification to verify that instructors continue achieve high standards of personal practice.

Lineage & Expertise

Advanced Buteyko is more powerful than regular Buteyko courses. We teach a sophisticated approach that brings very strong benefits and has a wide application: optimal health, reversal of chronic disease and boosting athletic performance.(learn more).


Advanced Buteyko instructor training is given by drs. Eduard Reuvers or other master instructors in the lineage of Professor Buteyko and Alexander Stalmatski (learn more).