Buteyko Breathing Expertise

In the lineage of Professor Buteyko and Alexander Stalmatski

Buteyko Breathing was originally developed in the 1950s and 1960s by Professor Buteyko, with research financed by the Soviet Space Program. Results of the research were groundbreaking: leading to the reversal of over 200 chronic diseases, strong improvement of general health and high performance for athletes and astronauts. Professor Buteyko passed away in 2003.

Alexander stalmatski was one of the first non-doctors to become a certified Buteyko Breathing teacher, and became the most highly skilled & accomplished Buteyko teacher of all time. Alexander Stalmatski retired from his public teaching career around 2003 and passed away in 2012.

In the West, Alexander Stalmatski was the head teacher and represented Advanced Buteyko Breathing: the powerful and sophisticated Buteyko approach that strongly improves breathing, health and performance and is suitable for a large variety of chronic diseases. While the first Australian Buteyko teachers did both basic and advanced teacher training, due to overwhelming national media attention for Buteyko Breathing as an asthma treatment in 1993, the much larger second generation of teachers were satisfied with teaching basic Buteyko only to treat large numbers of asthma patients: they never continued with advanced teacher training.

With so many active Australian basic Buteyko teachers, basic Buteyko spread quickly to Europe and the USA while Advanced Buteyko's spread was much slower due to long teacher training periods (at least 4 years) and Alexander Stalmatski's own retirement in 2003 (learn more).

While Professor Buteyko became famous as the founder of Buteyko Breathing, Alexander Stalmatski was very well-known and highly respected within the Russian Buteyko movement and was featured in all initial international publicity on Buteyko (including the BBC documentary).

About Alexander Stalmatski

Alexander was individually trained over many years by Professor Buteyko himself, at a time when Buteyko wasn't popular in Russia yet. In later years, teachers were trained in groups or not by Professor Buteyko himself.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Alexander traveled all over Russia, teaching Buteyko Breathing to large numbers of people. In 1990, Professor Buteyko sent Alexander to Australia to introduce Buteyko Breathing there. Alexander ultimately spent more than 10 years in Australia and the UK, gained lots of publicity and worked tirelessly to make Buteyko Breathing available to people all over the world.

Alexander was also the only Buteyko teacher to receive two certificates from Professor Buteyko. The first was the regular Buteyko teacher certificate, while the second was a unique master certificate that Professor Buteyko awarded only once in his lifetime to recognize Alexander Stalmatski as the Buteyko teacher with the highest level of skill and accomplishment. He was also the only teacher with special permission by Professor Buteyko to teach up to 80 students at once (per group), while other Buteyko teachers had to keep smaller group sizes of about 10 to 15 people.

To get great results with students, Alexander taught the Advanced Buteyko approach, not just the 'basic' version of Buteyko which became popular for asthma treatment and other minor conditions. Alexander Stalmatski used Advanced Buteyko to consistently get excellent results with many more chronic diseases. If Alexander had limited himself to teaching only basic Buteyko, he could not have gotten the results he became so well-known and respected for.

The Buteyko Academy

The Buteyko Academy provides Advanced Buteyko teacher training in the lineage of Professor Buteyko and Alexander Stalmatski. Drs. Eduard Reuvers taught Advanced Buteyko from 2008 to 2012 with one of the handful of Australian Buteyko teachers who completed Advanced Buteyko teacher training with Alexander Stalmatski (Christopher Drake). Alexander Stalmatski even joined their teaching activities as a silent senior partner in 2011. Eduard started teaching independently in 2012 and founded the Buteyko Academy in 2015.