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Buteyko Instructor Training

Instructor Training

We help you gain experience, knowledge and expertise in teaching Buteyko Breathing.


Become a Buteyko Instructor certified by the Advanced Buteyko Institute.

Guidance & Support

Receive full support to help you get the best results teaching Buteyko to your clients.


Worldwide expert guidance & consultation. Local & online presence.

Highest Standards

Buteyko Instructors with the highest standards in personal practice.

Instructor Support

Manuals, presentations, audio instructions, apps, online member area, personal guidance.

For optimal health, high performance and the reversal of chronic disease.

Instructor Training Program

Doing the Instructor Training Program you'll learn to teach the Buteyko Breathing course to your own clients.

Become a Buteyko instructor and start giving Buteyko Breathing courses in your area. You'll have personal training sessions and full instruction and guidance. You'll also receive complete access to all the Instructor Training Resources such as manuals, presentations, apps and website resources. Get in touch or fill in the contact form for more details.


The Instructor Training Program is only available to participants of the Complete Advanced Buteyko Course (379 USD). The signup fee for the Instructor Training Program is an additional 769 USD.

Signup for both at once with a 199 USD discount, making the total cost 949 USD (rather than 1148 USD.)

Signup using PayPal:

To signup for the Complete Advanced Buteyko Course (prerequisite):
Pay via PayPal: 379 USD

To signup for the Buteyko Instructor Training Program:
Pay via PayPal: 769 USD

To signup for both the Buteyko Course and the
Instructor Training Program (with 199 USD discount):
Pay via PayPal: 949 USD

Once we receive your PayPal payment we'll get in touch with you ASAP to setup the first teaching session via Skype.

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