Buteyko Instructor Training

Become a certified ABI instructor and teach Advanced Buteyko Breathing

While Buteyko Breathing is growing worldwide, many cities and neighborhoods don't have a local Buteyko instructor yet. If you complete the ABI Instructor Course you can offer Advanced Buteyko Breathing courses and help people enjoy better health, higher performance and revert chronic disease.

Full Support

We'll help you and your students achieve great results!

You'll get full instruction, guidance and support in your own practice and while teaching Buteyko to your clients. You'll consult with us about your clients' progress and any issues they may experience. This way you'll learn to teach Advanced Buteyko Breathing and guide your students to great results.

Learn Advanced Buteyko for best results

Advanced Buteyko

A very powerful and sophisticated approach

With Advanced Buteyko you'll achieve the best possible results with a wide variety of students. You'll gain the highest level of expertise and get best results with all kinds of students.

With drs. Eduard Reuvers

Expertise, experience and great results

Teaching Buteyko Breathing since 2008, founder and head instructor of the Advanced Buteyko Institute (ABI).

Eduard Reuvers - Buteyko Teacher Training

Gain expertise and build experience

Instructor Certification

Full Advanced Buteyko Instructor Certification

Learn and teach the highest levels of Buteyko Breathing for best results.

Learn more

Advanced Buteyko App

The ultimate convenience for students and instructors

Our Buteyko apps for iOS and Android offer tremendous benefits for both students and teachers. With an instructor account you can review your students' actual and up-to-date breathing scores by logging in to the website. Your students will appreciate the convenience of doing Advanced Buteyko using the Advanced Buteyko app. Learn more.

How to Start

Instructor Training Program

Doing the Instructor Training Program you'll learn to teach the Buteyko Breathing course to your own clients.

Become a Buteyko instructor and start giving Buteyko Breathing courses in your area. You'll have personal training sessions and full instruction and guidance. You'll also receive complete access to all the Instructor Training Resources such as manuals, presentations, apps and website resources. Get in touch or fill in the contact form for more details.


The Instructor Training Program is only available to participants of the Complete Advanced Buteyko Course (479 USD). The signup fee for the Instructor Training Program is an additional 949 USD.

Signup for both at once comes with a 240 USD discount, making the total cost 1188 USD (rather than 1428 USD.)

Signup and Pay:

To signup for the Complete Advanced Buteyko Course (prerequisite):

To signup for the Buteyko Instructor Training Program:

To signup for both the Buteyko Course and the
Instructor Training Program (with 240 USD discount):

Once we receive your PayPal payment we'll get in touch with you ASAP to setup the first teaching session via Skype.

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