Eduard Reuvers Advanced Buteyko Breathing teacher trainer & instructor

Drs. Eduard J.A. Reuvers

Eduard is the teacher trainer at the Buteyko Academy and teaches Advanced Buteyko Breathing full-time since 2008.

Eduard provides Advanced Buteyko teacher training in the lineage of Professor Buteyko and Alexander Stalmatski. Eduard taught Advanced Buteyko from 2008 to 2012 together with one of the few Western teachers fully trained in Advanced Buteyko by Alexander Stalmatski. Alexander Stalmatski even joined their teaching activities as a silent senior partner in 2011. Eduard started teaching independently in 2012 and founded the Buteyko Academy in 2015.

About Eduard

Eduard was born in 1974 in the Netherlands and graduated with distinction from Tilburg University in 1998, gaining the academic title doctorandus (internationally equivalent to a Masters degree).

Eduards' initial interest in Buteyko Breathing came through hearing very positive reports on Advanced Buteyko from Buddhist monks in 2007.

Since 2008, Eduard teaches Advanced Buteyko full-time to help students revert a wide variety of chronic diseases and improve their general health and performance.

Eduard speaks English and Dutch fluently and is conversant in Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and German.

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